Non-MMTA Programs

Ribbon Festival

Through my membership in WSMTA (West Suburban Music Teachers Association), my students have the opportunity to participate in the Ribbon Festival, a “marathon” of recitals that is held at an area mall each year in late January. All students receive a ribbon for participating (presented at the Spring Recital awards ceremony in June).

National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC)  

NFMC is a national, prestigious organization that is over 100 years old.  Their Junior Festivals are held all across the country.  I am part of a local teachers’ group which annually coordinates one of these Junior Festivals, following the strict guidelines of the NFMC.

  • Groups of 4 students (grouped by level) play before judge in mini-recital format, which friends/family may attend.
  • Non-competitive opportunity to perform and receive evaluation
  • Play two memorized pieces (one from a list of approved repertoire, and one of student’s choice)
  • Held annually on a Saturday in late February (usually at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church near 50th and France)
  • Earn points toward a Gold Cup Trophy

MTNA eFestival

(45- or 60-min. lesson required)

Receive professional feedback on piano performances–and you don’t have to leave home to participate! Advantages:

    • Feedback is detailed and comprehensive
    • Students may submit 15 minutes of music from any genre
    • Students perform on their own familiar instrument
    • No special equipment is needed—use any device (smart phone, tablet, and the like) that can record a video
    • No age limit
    • No deadlines
    • Submit when you are ready
    • Applications may remain “in progress” until you have up to 15 minutes of music uploaded
    • Applicants may submit up to eight separate videos for each critique
    • Performer’s identity, age and years of study are kept anonymous

Who can participate?

    • Students who want more opportunities to play for constructive feedback
    • Students preparing for upcoming performances
    • Performance anxiety? Video yourself performing in the comfort of your own space, then upload to the eFestival for constructive feedback.
    • Auditioning for college, competitions, scholarships or graded exams? Upload a video of you performing your repertoire and receive constructive feedback ahead of your deadline dates. It’s a great way to “test” your performance and readiness.

Logo_MTNAMusicAchievemtProgMTNA Music Achievement Award Program

This program increases students’ musicianship while enhancing their love and appreciation of music.  The teacher and student work together to set realistic, attainable goals.  Students achieving their goals by the end of the school year receive a certificate of achievement (presented at the Spring Recital awards ceremony in June).  Goals may include, but are not limited to:

    • Attend a live concert/recital/musical
    • Watch a music-related movie
    • Read a music-related book (music history, composer biography, etc.)
    • Compose a song
    • Play piano in a religious service, nursing home, senior citizen center or civic event
    • Participate in school choir/band/orchestra or church choir/orchestra for the summer, or attend band/orchestra camp
    • Learn a piece from a genre that is new to you (e.g., jazz, sacred, Broadway, Disney, top pop hits, duet, Baroque era, etc.).
    • More ideas