Studio Policies/Tuition



  • Instill and nurture in students an appreciation for music.
  • Empower students to develop their skills to the fullest.
  • Teach students to strive for excellence, while instilling an appreciation in them for their level of accomplishment as well as that of others.
  • Equip students to express themselves and their emotions through music.
  • Encourage students to share their talents by providing opportunities to perform.


  • 30-minute (Beginner) private lesson • $777 per semester ($1,554 per year)
  • 45-minute (Intermediate) private lesson • $1,165.50 per semester ($2,331 per year)
  • 60-minute (Advanced) private lesson • $1,554 per semester ($3,108 per year)

Summer lessons (optional) are offered throughout the summer, with both private and group lesson rates available.

Tuition covers:

  • Time spent teaching lessons
  • Lesson preparation; researching and shopping for music, exam and contest materials
  • Administrative responsibilities, bookkeeping, and communications
  • Membership dues in professional organizations, certification renewal
  • Professional organization leadership and conference attendance
  • Continuing education, regular practicing and performing
  • Maintenance of studio 5′ 10″ Kawai grand piano
  • Recital and Group Lesson expenses
  • Marketing
  • Organizing and planning events
  • Studio materials and expenses
  • Over 25 years of education and experience
  • Property, income, and self-employment taxes; insurance and retirement


  • Season begins: Tues/September 7, 2021
  • Season ends: June 9, 2022
  • See Schedule/Dates for holiday and other breaks.

Group lessons will be held occasionally during the year, and are a fun, fresh way to learn.  They introduce a social dynamic and camaraderie to the private piano lesson experience; offer the opportunity for students to play informally for and learn from their peers; and allow me to more thoroughly cover various topics efficiently, which time does not allow in individual lessons. (Group lessons take the place of regular private lessons for the week.) Past topics have included:

  • “Practicing Strategies & Techniques”
  • “Mental Strategies for Peak Performance”
  • “Sharing with Our Community” (service project of playing at a local senior center)
  • “Recital Rehearsal, Performance Strategies, and Stage Etiquette”

One Recital will be held at the end of the season. You are encouraged to invite your friends and family to attend!  Our studio also  gives back to our community by sharing the gift of music at a local senior center in February. Additional performances (optional) are available throughout the year, and include Ribbon Festival (held in January); National Federation of Music Clubs piano festival (typically the last Saturday in February); MMTA exams and contests; and a MusicLink Foundation fundraiser at the Mall of America.

For the most up-to-date schedule, please refer to the Schedule/Dates page of this website, which will be updated throughout the season.


Tuition is paid in advance by the semester: Fall payment is due by August 6, 2021; winter payment is due by December 2, 2021. Student expenses (such as books and exam or contest fees) may be added to an upcoming tuition bill or billed as expenses are incurred. A late fee of $10 applies to payments submitted within 7 days past Due Date, or $20 to payments submitted 8+ days past Due Date. Students who withdraw by September 8, 2021, may be granted a 50% refund; no other refunds will be made.

Missed Lessons

By enrolling in piano lessons, you have contracted for a portion of your instructor’s time each week; this time cannot be “re-sold” to another student. Refunds, credits, or make-ups will not be given for lessons missed by the student. Understanding that important and unavoidable conflicts do occur, a studio Swap List is published at the beginning of the season. Those who wish to participate will receive a listing of all participants, including names, contact info, and lesson day/time. Students may then contact those on the Swap List to rearrange lessons to accommodate the occasional conflict. The student must notify the teacher of the swap in advance so that everyone is clear about the revised schedule. If a swap cannot be arranged or the student has decided not to participate in the original Swap List, the student may decide whether to attend their regularly scheduled lesson or miss the lesson due to the conflict. The Swap List may also be utilized to permanently swap lesson times (due to changes in sports schedules in the spring, etc.).  To participate in the Swap List, send an emailed request (including your home and/or cell number) no later than August 19, 2021. Your emailed request is considered permission to publish your information in the manner described.  Note: The Swap List may only be joined at the beginning of the season (or prior to a student’s first lesson, if beginning lessons after the start of the season). It will not be updated to accommodate those who chose not to participate in the original list at the beginning of the season.

This instructor may cancel up to two lessons per season for sickness or personal business, for which there will be no make-ups or refunds.


Students may be dismissed for any of the following reasons: irregular lesson attendance; repeated failure to prepare for lessons; behavior or attitude problems; nonpayment of tuition or other expenses; or failure to abide by Policy Statement.


Students who are ill should not attend the lesson in person; an online lesson may be requested if the student is not feeling well but has the energy for a lesson. This instructor may send a student home who has come to the lesson in person after missing school that day because of sickness.


Playing a musical instrument requires a commitment on the part of the student and parent. Regular daily practice is THE best way to receive the maximum benefit of piano lessons. Research continues to show that it is time spent on intentional practice and NOT “natural talent” that is the crucial indicator in proficiency. The lesson itself is a very small part of the week. Consistent daily practice is essential and is the responsibility of the student and parent. Students are expected to practice a minimum of 5 days a week for the number of minutes noted on their practice chart (based on student’s age and level). Work with your child in setting up a daily practice time as soon as lessons begin. A regularly scheduled time each day will help students remember to practice without constant reminders. Proper practicing during the week will maximize progress as well as lesson time, which can be used for refining and developing skills rather than practicing together what should have been done at home the previous week.

Younger students need parental help establishing proper practice habits; students of all ages need parental encouragement and support. In order for practice time to translate to progress, practice must be intentional.  This involves repetition to correct notes, rhythms, or articulations as noted in the assignment notebook (rather than simply playing through a piece once or twice). The assignment notebook should be brought to every lesson and referred to regularly during practice time to ensure that practice time is spent on specific assignments, rather than mindlessly repeating past mistakes.


My professional affiliations include membership in the Minnesota Music Teachers Association (MMTA). Under current Minnesota law, parents of all students who study with an MMTA teacher are eligible to take tax credits or tax deductions (depending on income) from state income taxes for the cost of music lessons. Please see your tax preparer for details.

Photos: Pictures may be taken at events, such as recitals. If you do not want your child’s photos taken, please notify the studio in writing.

Please feel free to call me any time during the week with questions, comments, or for clarification — your input is important to me.

The study and making of music benefits not only the mind, but also the body and emotions. Through the study of music, my students’ confidence, creativity, self discipline, and mental focus will be nurtured. My teaching and your support at home will form an effective team that will give your child the gift of music which can be theirs to enjoy for a lifetime!