Podcast: Enhance Life with Music

In “Enhance Life with Music: The lay-person’s guide to enjoying music’s benefits,” musician Mindy Peterson explores the many ways music affects and benefits our everyday lives. Increase happiness with the musical advantage while learning about music’s relationship to science, medicine, sports, education, entertainment, business, service, and history. A Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, Mindy provides a layperson’s guide to integrating the musical advantage in your own life and the lives of your loved ones.

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know your suggestions for topics and guests – and let me know how music enhances your life – at mindy@mpetersonmusic.com.

Ep. 83: Connecting the dots between SEL and music, with Scott Edgar, PhD

The development of social emotional learning (SEL) skills is embedded and inherent in musical training. And yet there are many ways we as educators and parents can streamline this process through being intentional in how we integrate SEL and music. A global pandemic has made this integration exponentially vital, and has increased our awareness of social and emotional needs – and how they can affect other areas of our lives, whether we’re talking about mental health, immune function, or academic grades and performance. We discuss reasons music teachers are in a prime position to build students’ social and emotional skills; resources for parents and educators; and an exciting new venture that will launch in March 2021!

Ep. 82: What is the relationship between musicianship, mental disorders, and genius? What is the difference between prodigy and genius? With Dr. Craig Wright

As humans, we tend to be fascinated with certain groups of human outliers, like Olympians, the extremely wealthy, and, definitely, geniuses. Genius cannot be predicted by standardized tests, IQ, or prodigy. But there are some common denominators, or “enablers,” of genius. We talk about what they are, and what we can learn from them and adapt to our own lives, habits, and behaviors. Bonus: Tips for those who live or work with a genius!

Ep. 81: MIM – A place that showcases music’s unique ability to both preserve diverse cultures AND bring those cultures together; with Katherine Palmer, DMA

Music has the unique ability to both preserve diverse cultures AND bring those diverse cultures together. I find that musicians have a highly developed understanding that our shared goal is not uniformity, but unity; and that there is strength in our diversity. The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix is a place that showcases this aspect of music in a powerful way. This jewel is ten years old –established but also fairly young, and not nearly enough people know about it. And, silver lining from covid, the MIM has made some of their incredible programming available virtually.

Ep. 80: How do Rihanna and other artists get paid for their concerts or recorded performances? With Songtrust’s Anna Bond

Performing artists are often the ones with the big name and face recognition, like Rihanna; but if someone else wrote the songs they’re singing, they’re not earning publishing royalties from their own performances. So how do these artists get paid for their performances? We discuss performing artists’ various revenue streams, and how they are evolving in a pandemic.

Ep. 79: Holistic health, wellness, and musicianship; with Austin Pancner

Our everyday movements and habits affect both our overall wellness AND our musicianship. Athletic and musical performers have much in common, including a susceptibility to repetitive use injuries, and physical performances that are highly affected by what’s going on between our ears – our mental and emotional states. Founder and CEO of The Functional Musician, Austin Pancner is passionate about empowering musicians to overcome and prevent tension, pain, and injury; and achieve optimal wellbeing in the process.

Ep.78: How and when are songs selected for TV & film scenes? with Jody Friedman

Music clearly impacts us is through its role in TV and movies. The absence of music in trailers or the shows themselves would fundamentally change our viewing experience. But who matches the appropriate song to a scene in a TV show or film for full effect? Music supervisor Jody Friedman explains the music selection process, tips for those interested in the biz, and how the song he composed ended up in The Handmaid’s Tale trailer.