Podcast: Enhance Life with Music

In “Enhance Life with Music: The lay-person’s guide to enjoying music’s benefits,” musician Mindy Peterson explores the many ways music affects and benefits our everyday lives. Increase happiness with the musical advantage while learning about music’s relationship to science, medicine, sports, education, entertainment, business, service, and history. A Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, Mindy provides a layperson’s guide to integrating the musical advantage in your own life and the lives of your loved ones.

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know your suggestions for topics and guests – and let me know how music enhances your life – at mindy@mpetersonmusic.com.

Ep. 16: The Backstory of “Awakenings” and “The Music Never Stopped,” with Dr. Concetta Tomaino (basis of a main character in each film)

Dr. Concetta Tomaino co-founded the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function with the renowned author and neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks. Tomaino’s work is highlighted in two feature films based on Dr. Sacks’ work: The Music Never Stopped; and Awakenings, with Robert De Niro and Robin Williams. Dr. Tomaino is internationally known for her research in the clinical applications of music and neurologic rehabilitation.  In this episode, she discusses her work with Dr. Sacks, highlighted in two feature films.  She also describes “active music making” as an effective and low-risk form of intervention for those suffering from neurological impairments AND depression or lack of motivation.

Ep. 15: Veterans Day Tribute + Role of Music in the Military: with Jari Villanueva, Taps Historian, USAF

We honor our veterans with a look at the role music plays in our military. Guest Jari Villanueva also gives a behind-the-scenes look at the call of Taps, a way of thanking the military for their service and for a job well done. Veterans Day is November 11.

Ep. 14: The Healing Power of Music for Child Soldiers and Refugees: with Hollywood Music in Media Awards Nominee Samite Mulondo

With a theme of resilience, Ugandan-born multi-instrumentalist and producer Samite Mulondo uses the power of music to bring comfort, healing, and hope to child soldiers, refugees, orphans, and others experiencing traumatic and frightening circumstances.

Ep. 13: Heartbeat of the Stadium and the Sound of Fall: Cheers to the Drumline (with UNT Drumline + Director of Athletic Bands Daniel Cook)

For many Americans, the marching band drumline is the sound of fall – mixed with colliding helmets and crowds cheering. The marching band, and specifically the drumline, bring an energy, school spirit, and game mood to the college football experience. We are talking today about the college drumline and its integral role in football game spirit.

Ep. 12: Coldplay’s Music Therapy for Kids Suffering Illness: with Melodic Caring Project’s Levi & Stephanie Ware

Melodic Caring Project is a non-profit organization that uses music to provide therapy, hope, and empowerment to children suffering from serious illness or injury. Melodic Caring Project teams up with local and nationally touring artists to connect them directly to children by streaming personalized concerts to kids in their hospital rooms (or homes, in between treatment). Their use of technology makes participation easy, accessible, and comfortable, especially for those quarantined or experiencing immunodeficiency. What a fantastic way to enhance lives with music, by supporting and encouraging children (of all ages) and their families!

Ep. 11: A Lion Mom Roars: with America’s Got Talent Contestant Susan Pascale

Get Tiger Mom results without the Tiger Mom bite! In her article, “A Lion Mom Roars,” Pascale discusses her methods for getting high-level results without sacrificing a child’s childhood or the parent-child relationship. She explains how to have high expectations for excellence and ambition for your children and students – without the negativity that can go along with being a Tiger Mom (a term that because a household phrase with the publication of Amy Chua’s excellent book, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”).