Podcast: Enhance Life with Music

In “Enhance Life with Music: The lay-person’s guide to enjoying music’s benefits,” musician Mindy Peterson explores the many ways music affects and benefits our everyday lives. Increase happiness with the musical advantage while learning about music’s relationship to science, medicine, sports, education, entertainment, business, service, and history. A Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, Mindy provides a layperson’s guide to integrating the musical advantage in your own life and the lives of your loved ones.

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know your suggestions for topics and guests – and let me know how music enhances your life – at mindy@mpetersonmusic.com.

Ep. 54: What happens when an entrepreneur combines music, health, and technology? With Point Motion Founder & CEO Kevin Clark

What if… there was a medical and educational assessment tool that could be used in person OR remotely; had the effect of lowering costs and reducing administrative burdens; was applicable across cultures, age groups, and physical & mental abilities; AND improved medical & educational outcomes? Point Motion has combined music, health, and technology to create this tool.

Ep. 53: One teen’s story of how she ended up on Spotify, with Grace Lundeen

When presented with some extra time as a result of the pandemic quarantine this spring, this teen completed her first album of original music and published it on Spotify! Grace Lundeen tells us about the genesis of her song-writing; her story of composing and recording an album; and her experience putting these songs out into the world.

Ep. 52: In honor of the “2020” Olympics: The MUSICAL Olympic event, with champion equestrian Betsy Van Dyke

In the spirit of the 2020-Tokyo-Summer-Olympics-that-would-have-been, we are highlighting a MUSICAL Olympic event that some listeners may not even be aware of, and that is the equestrian dressage musical freestyle. This event is really the grand finale of all the dressage events – only the top finalists in other Olympic Dressage events advance to the musical freestyle, which is the event that determines the top medals. And it is the only Olympic event in which men and women compete together as equals. “Freestyle is the pinnacle of Dressage execution and when it works, the result is magic.” – International Olympic Committee website https://www.olympic.org/equestrian-/-dressage

Ep. 51: Conscious music: How do lyrics shape my mental narrative? with Jamie Goldstein, PsyD

Sometimes just a small habit adjustment can have a significant course-correction effect. Michael Franti says, “The best songs have positive messages hidden inside, like a positive affirmation.” Meaningful words combined with a melody have the ability to integrate messages into our minds in a unique and powerful way.

Ep. 50: Earworms: How do songs get stuck in my head, and how can I get rid of them?! with Dr. Katherine Cotter

An earworm is a song that gets stuck in your head. It’s also called “involuntary musical imagery,” and about 98 percent of us experience them. We discuss who is most susceptible to earworms, what causes them, what situations are most likely to create them, and – most important – how to get rid of them!

Ep. 49: “Traditional learning methods don’t work for me.” Utilizing Multiple Intelligences in Learning, with Graeme Winder

Have you ever heard of someone who eagerly began learning to play a musical instrument, excited by the idea of creating music; and before long felt so frustrated and discouraged by the process of translating a page of dots and symbols into meaningful sound that they gave it up and decided they are “just not musical?” Our guest today can relate to that story, and he has dedicated his life to connecting kids – and adults — to music in a new and powerful way. Graeme Winder is CEO of Meloquest, he’s an advocate for music education reform, and has had great success teaching music using a non-traditional method based on the Multiple Intelligences Theory, a theory that everyone learns in different ways.