Virtual Recital

We look forward to welcoming friends and family to this upcoming event. One benefit to the virtual format is the ability to “attend” regardless of geographic location!

The recital will be held on Zoom:

This year’s recital has an emoji theme, as we celebrate Music… The Sound of Emotions! Each student has selected a song, as well as the emoji representing the emotion THEY most feel when hearing or playing the song! 

During the Recital:

  • During the virtual recital, the audience is encouraged to put emojis in the chat representing the emotion that THEY feel while hearing the song. After playing their song, each student will display a visual of the emoji they chose. It will be fun to see all the different emotions one song can produce!

  • Please DO use the Chat feature – both to show your emojis AND for any other comments/compliments on the performance.

  • If we experience technical difficulties during the event, refer back to this page for any updates.

  • The recital is expected to last approximately an hour and 15 minutes, including the awards program at the end.

Order of Play:

  1. Joey Carrane: Hakuna Mata (Elton John, arr./adapted)
  2. Zalya Behrens: In My Dreams (Linn)
  3. Millie Glotfelty: Bunny Hop (Linn) 
  4. Isaiah Anderson: Magic Show (Olson, LF)
  5. Cora Heilman: Gaston (Menken, arr. Faber)
  6. Jonah Berg: Raindrops (Galloway)
  7. Cooper Stout: Down By the Bayou (Mier)
  8. Henry Hillard: The Throne Room (Williams; arr. Gerou)
  9. Mimi Bartok: Tahitian Sunset (Mier)
  10. Judah Anderson: Yesterday (Lennon & McCartney; adapted)
  11. Calvin Heilman: Matamorphic Rock (Rossi)
  12. Michael Carrane: Foggy Morning Blues (Mier)
  13. Sarah Levine: Jivin’ Around (Austin)
  14. Samuel Levine: Jamaica Me Happy! (Austin)
  15. Kaisa Nodland: Barn Dance (Stevens)
  16. Ingrid Nodland: Oh Snap! (Eklund)
  17. Anika Berkholz: Crystal Ballerina (Klose)
  18. Ricky Hillard: Shadow Chase (Vandall)
  19. Elizabeth Cornell: Sonatina in F Major, Anh. 5, No. 2 (Beethoven)
  20. Natalie Berg: Bill Bailey (Canon, arr. Gillock)
  21. Cooper Keddie: Scherzo in Dm (Gurlitt)
  22. Gabriel Riegert: Original composition by Gabriel Riegert
  23. Linnea Anderson: Blessings (Story; arr. Keveren)
  24. Lura Wojchik: Itasca Sunrise (Bober) 
  25. Aletta Bartok: Waltz in A minor Op. Post. (Chopin)
  26. Max Berkholz: Wizard Fantasy (Leaf)
  27. Autumn Berkholz: Shadow Dance, Opus 39, No. 8 (MacDowell)
  28. Erik Peterson: Juba (Dett)
  29. Mindy Peterson: Clair de Lune (Debussy)
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