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“A holistic look at the power of music in our everyday lives.”

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Whether you consider yourself a musician or not, music is all around us! We explore the holistic power of music in our everyday lives through the lens of science & health, sports & entertainment, business, and education. Unleash the power of music in your life!

Enhance Life with Music is hosted, created, and produced by Mindy Peterson, a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music. The show is in Chartable’s Top 200 Music Podcasts for USA and Global; has downloads in over 100 countries; and is in Listen Score’s top 5% of global podcasts (like Nielsen ratings for podcasts). View a complete episode list in our Archives.

What others are saying:

“With Enhance Life with Music, Mindy is spreading the word of music’s impact on our brain function and health, whether we consider ourselves musicians or not.”

– Dr. Nina Kraus, Professor of Communication Sciences, Neurobiology, and Otolaryngology at Northwestern University

“John Coltrane once said, ‘One positive thought produces millions of positive vibrations.’ Mindy Peterson’s Enhance Life With Music is producing billions of positive vibrations for music, life, and humanity.”

– Dr. Clint Randles, Associate Professor of Music Education at the University of South Florida, and author of, To Create: Imagining the Good Life through Music.

“Mindy Peterson of Enhance Life with Music has created an exceptional podcast providing the most up-to-date research and material relating to all aspects of music. If you’re looking for the latest in music and brain research, children’s music, music in sports, music in our schools, the connection between music and color and so much more—Mindy has you covered! A ‘must’ podcast for those recognizing the power of music in their lives.”

– Sharlene Habermeyer, author of Good Music, Brighter Children

“Wow! I’ve been a guest on a lot of podcasts, but you are in the top 1% in terms of people who know their stuff and know how to interview guests in an engaging, knowledgeable way. Great experience. Thank you!!”

– Dr. Julia Mossbridge, cognitive neuroscientist

Ep. 171: Elevating the Gaming Experience: The unique artistry and composition challenges of interactive video game music; with award-winning composer Winifred Phillips

The author of “A Composer’s Guide to Game Music” explains the nuanced art form of crafting soundscapes that dynamically respond to every player’s move. We discuss why gaming music imprints more strongly on our memory than music from other forms of entertainment; opportunities for newcomers to the field; what inspires Winifred Phillips most about the…

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Ep. 170: Unraveling the Enigma of Musical Anhedonia: The Brain, Predictions, and the Missing Joy of Music; with Psyche Loui, PhD

Dive into the intriguing world of musical anhedonia with Dr. Psyche Loui as she unveils the mysteries of why some people simply don’t find pleasure in music. Explore the brain’s intricate connections, the role of predictions, and discover the captivating stories of those who live without the universal language of melody.

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Ep. 169: Next-generation neurotherapeutics that leverage the power of music, neuroscience, and technology; with MedRhythms’ Brian Harris

MedRhythms is a groundbreaking digital therapeutics company that built the world’s first prescription music product. This pioneering product uses the neurological capacities of music to improve walking, mobility, and related functional outcomes, especially for those with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and stroke effects. Learn how it is prescribed and administered, and the science behind music’s contribution…

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Ep. 168: Heartbeat Music: Crafting Forever Songs of Connection; with Brian Schreck, MA, MT-BC

Brian Schreck has called the human heartbeat “the most basic, beautiful metronome. It is such a powerful, audible representation of life and of the human experience.” Discover how Brian incorporates this “beautiful metronome” into individualized legacy songs that connect the internal world with the external world, offer solace and expression for patients (even those who…

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Ep. 167: Having Surgery? Use music to reduce anxiety and pain perception; with Alice Cash, PhD, LCSW

Renowned clinical musicologist and author Dr. Alice Cash delves into the fascinating world of music medicine, particularly its impact on perioperative care. She explains how carefully curated music allows the power of rhythmic entrainment to significantly reduce anxiety, enhance patient outcomes, and even reduce the need for potentially-addictive medications before, during, and after medical and…

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Ep. 166: Every Brain Needs Music: The Neuroscience of Making and Listening to Music; with authors Larry Sherman, PhD, and Dennis Plies, DA

Whether you are a professional musician or music enthusiast, prepare to meet your new favorite book on the neuroscience of music! We discuss the science of effective practice; the intricate and distinct neurological processes utilized for musical composition, improvisation, practice, and performance; and the profound impact of music on brain development. As the conversation unfolds,…

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Ep. 165: Breaking Boundaries: Breakdancing’s journey from the streets to the Olympic stage; with B-Boy London Reyes

Breaking expert and insider B-Boy London Reyes tells the behind-the-scenes story of breakdancing’s history as it evolves from a street art form to an official Olympic sport. We discuss the moment the Olympic-inclusion seed was first planted; the surprising economic impact of hip hop; how breaking saves lives; how an American “product” became a global…

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Ep. 164: Adaptive Music Education: Achieving potential and nurturing exceptionalities with harmony; with Erin Parkes, PhD

The Lotus Centre for Special Music Education is passionate about making the well-documented benefits of music-making accessible to students with exceptionalities. Making music can have profound impacts on mood, motor skills, and overall well-being. The Centre’s Institute for Professional Development provides music educators with the skills and tools they need to help students of all…

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Ep. 163: Tapping into Willy Wonka’s Wonderland for Musicians; with Schmitt Music

Take an enchanting journey through the world of local music stores, with a trip behind-the-scenes of 5th generation family-owned Schmitt Music. Unveil the treasure trove of musical opportunities awaiting you at your local music store. From access to unique instruments and print music galore, to free concerts and instrument petting zoos, you’ll learn how these…

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Ep. 162: Unlocking productivity with the power of music; with Erik Fisher, Host of Beyond The To-Do List Podcast

Popular productivity guru Erik Fisher describes practical ways to leverage the powerful tool of music for increased efficiency and more intentional living. Elevate your personal and professional life not just by getting more done, but by living fully and accomplishing the goals that make your life meaningful. We present… productivity hacks backed by the magic…

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