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“A holistic look at the power of music in our everyday lives.”

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Whether you consider yourself a musician or not, music is all around us! We explore the holistic power of music in our everyday lives through the lens of science & health, sports & entertainment, business, and education. Unleash the power of music in your life!

Enhance Life with Music is hosted, created, and produced by Mindy Peterson, a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music. The show is in Chartable’s Top 200 Music Podcasts for USA and Global; has downloads in over 100 countries; and is in Listen Score’s top 10% of global podcasts (like Nielsen ratings for podcasts). View a complete episode list in our Archives.

What others are saying:

“With Enhance Life with Music, Mindy is spreading the word of music’s impact on our brain function and health, whether we consider ourselves musicians or not.”

– Dr. Nina Kraus, Professor of Communication Sciences, Neurobiology, and Otolaryngology at Northwestern University

“John Coltrane once said, ‘One positive thought produces millions of positive vibrations.’ Mindy Peterson’s Enhance Life With Music is producing billions of positive vibrations for music, life, and humanity.”

– Dr. Clint Randles, Associate Professor of Music Education at the University of South Florida, and author of, To Create: Imagining the Good Life through Music.

“Mindy Peterson of Enhance Life with Music has created an exceptional podcast providing the most up-to-date research and material relating to all aspects of music. If you’re looking for the latest in music and brain research, children’s music, music in sports, music in our schools, the connection between music and color and so much more—Mindy has you covered! A ‘must’ podcast for those recognizing the power of music in their lives.”

– Sharlene Habermeyer, author of Good Music, Brighter Children

“Wow! I’ve been a guest on a lot of podcasts, but you are in the top 1% in terms of people who know their stuff and know how to interview guests in an engaging, knowledgeable way. Great experience. Thank you!!”

– Dr. Julia Mossbridge, cognitive neuroscientist
Transforming Dementia Care With Music

Ep. 141: Vera: Transforming dementia care with music; with Music Health’s Stephen Hunt

Music Health’s new music app, Vera, utilizes individualized playlists to stimulate activity in different parts of the brain of those with dementia. This application of music has been shown to enhance lucidity, physical movement, mood, quality of life, and communication; as well as reduce depression, anxiety, stress, agitation, confusion, and pain. We discuss the science behind these developments, the corresponding benefits for caregivers… and how the app got its name!

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Intervals are all around us

Ep. 140: Intervals are all around us! How these Lego blocks of music inform our everyday experiences; with Rob Gronemann & Aaron Moe

Whether we realize it or not, intervals inform our perception of the everyday sounds of our lives. It is an interval that makes our national anthem unique, lets you know you’re in trouble with your mother, and gets your attention through a train whistle or siren. And then there’s that interval that was banned during the Renaissance…

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How do lullabies affect babies?

Ep. 137: What makes a lullaby a lullaby, and what difference does it make? with Laurel Trainor, PhD

Our very first social interactions are musical, and the singing of lullabies to babies is universal across cultures. We discuss the common elements of lullabies, benefits of live-sung lullabies to both baby and caregiver, and just how long those benefits extend. Bonus: We answer the age-old mystery of why the most enduring lullabies have such dark lyrics (think rock-a-bye baby)!

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How can the arts be used in healing?

Ep. 136: Expanding awareness and advancing acceptance of the arts as a vital component for healing; with Ferol Carytsas

Implementing the arts in healthcare allows patients to heal holistically: body, mind, and soul. Healthcare institutions are increasingly embracing design, visual arts, and performing arts strategies to improve the patient experience, mitigate staff burnout, and increase financial efficiencies. We discuss the state of the field of arts in health, and recent efforts to equip and professionalize the field.

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Music of the pioneers

Ep. 134: How did music shape the exploration and settling of America’s west? The musical story within the Westward Expansion story; with author Laura Dean

“The pioneers carried only the clothes on their backs and the bare necessities in their wagons, yet they experienced a rich musical life in the wilderness… Each group wove their own thread of music into the colorful and diverse musical tapestry of the American West.” So begins Laura Dean’s historical account of the integral role music played in the Westward Expansion. Her new book explores the diplomatic, practical, and inspirational roles music played in connecting culturally diverse people groups including Native Americans, explorers, cowboys, and pioneers.

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