Ep. 3: Music Reduces Urban Poverty (BIIG MIIC & Urban Ventures)

 August 13, 2019

Music Reduces Urban Poverty

Lasting solutions to urban poverty span all the way from cradle to career – empowering communities by putting education, families, and community assets at the core. Urban Ventures provides cradle-to-career support for youth and families in one of Minneapolis’ most under-resourced neighborhoods, through music & arts, literacy & academics, farm, and sports.


Mike Brooks (aka BIIG MIIC) is Music Academy Director at Urban Ventures and runs a recording studio there as well. Mike is known on stage and in music as BIIG MIIC, a high-energy hip hop artist and performer who creates music with the power to appeal to broad audiences. His stage presence is dynamic; his sound is unique, inventive and motivational.


This segment features a try-this-at-home/hack/experiment that will enhance listeners’ lives with music.  Mike recommends searching online for “open mic near me” and participating, whether as a performer or audience member.  Near the Twin Cities? Attend Open Mic Night at The Hub:

  • Date & Time: Last Friday each month @ 6-8 pm
  • Location: Urban Ventures Youth Center (aka The Hub), 3016 Fourth Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408
  • Cost: FREE


How can listeners learn more about Urban Ventures’ work and connect with you?


Guests share a song or story about a moment when music enhanced their life.  Listen to an original song, “Millionaire,” by a 5th grade Urban Ventures student.  The song was written based on the question, “What would I do if I had $1 million?”

Mike Brooks & Mindy

Mindy to (17-year-old daughter) Adrienne: “I had a blast interviewing this great guy today at Urban Ventures. Here’s a picture of us.” 
Adrienne: “Whoa, Mom’s hangin’ with the cool kids!” 
Mindy: “Don’t act so surprised.” ;^)

2 responses to “Ep. 3: Music Reduces Urban Poverty (BIIG MIIC & Urban Ventures)”

  1. Totally impressed with the story about Urban Ventures. I was smiling through most of the interview and of course during the “Coda song”. I was hoping you would have the words written out on your website. Again, good job with facilitating the dialogue.