Ep. 107: How is music changing my purchasing habits without my awareness?! With author Pavle Marinkovic


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Emotions sell, and music is the sound of emotions. How and why does background music have an especially strong influence on what we buy and how much we’re willing to pay? And why is audio branding a growing, research-backed business trend?

Pavle Marinkovic
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My guest today is joining me, through the wonders of technology, from Madrid! Pavle Marinković is author of the book, How to Hook Your Customer With Music. He’s in charge of the music and neuroscience department at the audio branding firm Sounditi, and is head of the neuroscience department at Alyze. He is also a music teacher, film composer, and award-winning writer on topics related to marketing, music, psychology, science, and future trends in business.


We discuss:

  • Two ways businesses can use music to influence customers, and which is more effective for specific situations
  • Purchase intention and how it can be changed by music.
  • Time perception and how it can be changed by music (especially music that is familiar, liked, slow, and low volume).
  • The key for businesses is to assess their environment: find the fit between the desired environment & the music to influence customer behavior.
  • The effect of music on our experience with, behaviors in, and response to staff at restaurants, retail stores, medical reception areas, and customer service telephone calls.
  • New facial recognition methods that more accurately measure customers’ response to music
  • Pavle’s second book (coming out this fall).

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Pavle shares a brief song he composed about three years ago. It’s called Vaivén (the eternal motion of coming and going). Pavle says, “It was created with a lot of love and is part of my first ever album as a solo artist. It’s a reminder of how much music means to me and the amazing things that happen when you combine multiple art forms while collaborating with wonderful people.”

Closing Words

That is gorgeous; thank you so much, Pavle, for sharing your song with us! We are giving away a free copy of Pavle’s e-book, How to Hook Your Customer With Music, to one of you! Email me a screenshot of either your social media post about this episode, or your review of the show on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser.com by September 6, 2021, to be entered in the drawing. Include “Hook book” in the subject line, as we do have another book giveaway going on (listen to last week’s episode for details on that). My email is mindy@mpetersonmusic.com. I wanted to let you know that I am so honored to be the featured music podcast in this month’s issue (p. 35) of Podcast Magazine! A huge thank you to Raven Blair Glover for writing a beautiful article that really captures the essence of Enhance Life with Music! Finally, listeners have asked for an email newsletter, and I’m excited to be sending out the inaugural issue soon! Sign up on my website at https://mpetersonmusic.com/subscribe; there’s also a link right in the episode details in your podcast app. The newsletter will keep you updated on free give-aways, inspirational quotes, photos, and hacks to enhance your life with music. As always, there are lots of links in the show notes to all the resources discussed in today’s episode AND a transcription of this episode. You can find me on email (mindy@mpetersonmusic.com), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. All links are on my website and in the episode details right in your podcast app. Thank you so much for joining me today. Until next week, may your life be enhanced with music.https://youtu.be/3BnEnffNWZM

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