Ep. 138: Classroom STEAM integration through music production & songwriting; with Writers Room U

Music production classes

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Learn how schools are organically integrating STEAM education while differentiating their innovative offerings… and within their budget parameters. We discuss the benefits of bringing music production & songwriting into the classroom; why it’s such a hit with students, parents, and teachers alike; and resources to get started in your school.


Joining me today from Nashville are two guests from Writers Room U. Dr. Kelley King is the Education Liaison at Writers Room U. She is a K-12 educator with over 35 years of experience in both public and private schools, including 20 years as a school principal. Kelley is the author of three books and her work in schools has been featured on The Today Show, National Public Radio, and in Newsweek magazine.

Dr. Kelley King

Also with me today is Emily Falvey. Emily is the Music Industry Liaison at Writers Room U and is an award-winning Nashville singer/songwriter. She is signed to an exclusive worldwide publishing deal; wrote a song that reached #1 on the Canadian country chart. Emily teaches songwriting classes and leads WRU’s recruitment of top music industry professionals.

Emily Falvey


We discuss:

  • How I discovered Writers Room U (WRU).
  • What is WRU? WRU brings professional songwriters, artists, and producers from Nashville and LA into K-12 classrooms virtually to teach students about all aspects of the music industry – songwriting, music production and music business.
  • Benefits of bringing these music production and songwriting classes into schools include:
    • Engagement of those students who are not going to be a good fit for the traditional school band/orchestra/choir programs.
    • Literacy development
    • Versatility: The creations of music production students can be used in a variety of ways across the school – for theatrical productions, choral performances, recording the school song, half-time shows, student assemblies, and more.
    • STEAM education
    • Career exploration
    • Parent satisfaction
    • Innovative school programming empowers schools to attract and retain students, recruit outstanding teachers, and distinguish itself from others in a competitive school choice market.
    • Uniting of students and departments: These classes bring music students into technology and technology students into music. When that happens, two distinct groups of students and educators come together to learn and collaborate in ways that they might not have otherwise. What better way to prepare students for the real world than working on an interdisciplinary project with a diverse team to create a product for an authentic worldwide audience?
  • How it works: Programs are customized for each school and grade. With that said, students typically meet with their music industry guest teacher once a week for 6-8 weeks via Zoom. Students write multiple songs together, one of which is recorded by a WRU producer. WRU also offers one-time music industry panels to teach students about the many different career opportunities in the music industry.
  • Costs involved in starting a music production class in general, and in bringing in WRU specifically. (Spoiler alert: Big investments are not needed!)
  • WRU’s top four recommendations for schools
  • The next exciting offering coming from WRU!

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Emily shares a demo and a story about the impact of songwriting in the lives of the K-12 students who take WRU classes. One of WRU’s songwriting teachers, Forrest Finn, wrote this song with a group of 5th graders called “School Is Cool,” which is an example of the collaborative process of professional songwriter + class of elementary schoolers. Forrest is an awesome instructor and as a result, so many students now have songwriting as a tool in their toolbox. It’s powerful to watch songwriting impact lives! 

Forrest Finn performing the song that students wrote via telecast at their graduation.

Closing Words

And that is a little bit of “School is Cool,” written by a group of 5th graders, and performed by Forrest Finn, one of WRU’s songwriting teachers. Thank you so much to Emily and Kelley for joining us today, and for the valuable resources they shared and offer to schools. As always, all the resources we mention in our conversation can be found in the show notes, including a link to the episode with Beth Slusher, who introduced me to Writers Room U. Beth and the Give a Note Foundation are more incredibly valuable resources for schools and educators, so be sure to the check that episode out (Ep. 90). Also in the show notes are links to more episodes you may enjoy, including

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Thank you so much for joining me today. Until next time, may your life be enhanced with music.

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