Ep. 14: The Healing Power of Music for Child Soldiers and Refugees: with Hollywood Music in Media Awards Nominee Samite Mulondo

October 29, 2019

With a theme of resilience, Ugandan-born multi-instrumentalist and producer Samite Mulondo uses the power of music to bring comfort, healing, and hope to child soldiers, refugees, orphans, and others experiencing traumatic and frightening circumstances. [Note: Not for young children.]


Samite Mulondo is a multi-faceted musician who draws on his own experience of war in his native east Africa, flight as a refugee to Kenya, and home-finding in the US to remind others of their strength and help them find peace. For his song, “On the Same Journey,” Mulondo has been nominated for The Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA). HMMA is the first award organization to honor original music (Song and Score) in all visual media from around the globe including film, TV, video games, trailers, commercial advertisements, documentaries and special programs. The HMMA also celebrates emerging, independent artists and music influencers from around the globe for creative and innovative contributions. Awards will be announced November 20, 2019.


Samite demonstrates how he calls for, listens to, and interacts with the birds outside!



Samite shares his song, “On the Same Journey,” for which he has been nominated for The Hollywood Music In Media Awards.

Listener Improv

A special thank-you goes to listener Chelly, who responded to Ep. 12: Coldplay’s Music Therapy for Kids Suffering Illness: with Melodic Caring Project’s Levi & Stephanie Ware.  Chelly wrote that music was a huge blessing in her daughter’s healing when she was hospitalized for months. Chelly wrote: “This was an awesome podcast. What an amazing couple and organization!! Of course I forwarded their website to the child life coordinators we know at both hospitals!! Thanks for sharing this!” Of course I wanted more details on how music was helpful in her daughter’s healing process. Chelly was kind enough to give more info, and wrote: “She was a dancer when she was diagnosed so music is very important to her to start with! We used to borrow a mat from child life and do her dance stretches on the mat to music for relaxation. Then when she had her transplant we made her a play list of songs that reminded our prayer warriors of Megan that she enjoyed listening too. When she was intubated and sedated in icu for a long time, I brought an iHome speaker into the room and played her favorite playlists all day for her. One time a song came on and she started tapping her toe to the beat even while sedated. Lastly, she had music therapy 3 days a week after she got out of icu. It was part of her actual therapy regimen along with speech, physical and occupational therapy!!! So, it was huge for her recovery.” Thanks so much for sharing this, Chelly! And… I’m so glad your daughter is doing well now. As you know by now, I love audience feedback! Please let me know, like Chelly, a practical way you use music to enhance YOUR life — or comment on how you especially enjoyed someone else’s suggestion (each episode includes a suggestion from both our guest and a listener). Leave a comment below, comment on social media (I’m on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn), or in an email (mindy@mpetersonmusic.com).

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