Ep. 149: Corporate team-building & wellness through music; with Rock and Roll Team Building Founder Ciaran Gribbin

Corporate team building through music

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Imagine your next corporate event being so engaging, fun, memorable, and bonding that your audience can’t stop talking about it! Rock star Ciaran Gribbin draws on the innate connectivity and power of music to “entwine your event theme, audience and a bunch of real rockstars into a melting pot of interactivity, laughter, creativity and positive results.”


Joining me today from Sydney, Australia, is Irish rock star Ciaran Gribbin. Ciaran is a Grammy-nominated songwriter and performer who has worked with Madonna, U2, Paul McCartney, and Snow Patrol. He co-wrote Madonna’s worldwide hit single “Celebration;” he has worked on multiple movie soundtracks, including writing all the songs for the U2-supported feature film Killing Bono; and he has toured the world as the singer of the legendary Australian band INXS. We could have an entire episode just talking about any of these experiences and accomplishments! But today we are talking about Ciaran’s role as founder of Rock and Roll Team Building, a business delivering interactive music programs for corporate team-building and corporate wellness.

Ciaran Gribbin


We discuss:

  • What Rock and Roll Team Building (RRTB) is and what it does.
  • Events can be any size and have included conferences, incentive programs, and employee celebrations
  • RRTB’s team of incredibly gifted songwriters, musicians, and music producers.
  • How RRTB came to be.
  • Why music? What makes music especially effective in team building?
  • Examples of segments that can be a part of your event.
  • One of Ciaran’s favorite stories from a RRTB session.
  • RRTB works live in locations including the USA, Australia, and New Zealand; Virtually: Anywhere.
  • Ciaran is also Co-Founder and Director of Vibrate Your Mind Workplace Wellbeing Programs, a business delivering sound and music therapy at events.

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Ciaran performs a bit of the song “Mystify,” by INXS, after telling the story of performing this song at a Sydney party, which led to getting the job singing for INXS.

Closing Words

Thank you so much to Ciaran for sharing that song and story with us, and for joining us today.  There are lots of links, as always, in the show notes, including links to Rock and Roll Team Building, Vibrate Your Mind, Ciaran’s own website, his solo music on Spotify, and his recent collaborations with Andrew & Jon Farriss. You’ll also find a list of related episodes you may enjoy.

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