Ep. 163: Tapping into Willy Wonka’s Wonderland for Musicians; with Schmitt Music

Schmitt Music

Photo courtesy of Schmitt Music

Take an enchanting journey through the world of local music stores, with a trip behind-the-scenes of 5th generation family-owned Schmitt Music. Unveil the treasure trove of musical opportunities awaiting you at your local music store. From access to unique instruments and print music galore, to free concerts and instrument petting zoos, you’ll learn how these stores are not just retail spaces but vibrant hubs of musical community and experiences. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, budding musician, educator, or seasoned performer, your local music store can enrich your life with the magic of music. Discover untapped resources right in your own backyard and unlock the hidden gems that will nurture your passion for music like never before.


Schmitt Music is a 5th generation family-owned store that is headquartered in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, and has stores in several states in the Midwest and also in Colorado. With me today from Schmitt Music is Peter Schmitt (CEO), Ted Schmitt (CFO), and Jeremiah Babcock (VP of Sales).

L to R: Ted Schmitt, Peter Schmitt, Jeremiah Babcock; photo courtesy of Schmitt Music


We discuss:

  • The Schmitt Music story, including its history in the community; family history; and the story behind its iconic mural wall.
  • The music store experience, whether the customer is Lizzo or a 5th grade beginning band student.
  • Schmitt recently moved its headquarters into a new location, which is already iconic. It was described by a news reporter as a “Willy Wonka-like wonderland for musicians!” We discuss the new space and what it offers to the community.
  • The behind-the-scenes roles Schmitt plays with school band & orchestra programs, music teacher associations, colleges/universities, and local artists.
  • Ways listeners can fully utilize the benefits their local music store offers their families and communities.

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Peter shares his daughter’s affection for The Beatles’ song, “Blackbird,” its use as a bed-time song, and the special bond and connection that developed as a result.

Closing Words

Thanks so much to today’s guests, and to music store employees everywhere, for all they do to enhance lives with music. I hope that by hearing one store’s story and offerings, you will be inspired to check out your own local music store and tap into the unique treasures they offer. Here are pictures of that iconic Schmitt Music wall and pictures of Schmitt Music’s new flagship store in Bloomington:

Photos of the iconic Schmitt Music wall

Pictures of Schmitt Music’s iconic NEW flagship store in Bloomington, MN

I was honored to be a guest recently on another podcast – Sylvia Live: Music Secrets Exposed – where I got to discuss the story behind this podcast AND some of the stories behind Steinway pianos that many people don’t know. It’s available on YouTube and wherever you get your audio.

All Enhance Life with Music episodes are evergreen; so check out the back catalogue for more ways that music can make your life better.

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Thank you so much for joining me today. Until next time, may your life be enhanced with music.

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