Ep. 160: Jammin’ to the Beat of Nutrition: How Music Inspired a Revolutionary Whole Food Energy Bar; with JAMBAR’s Jennifer Maxwell

What is the healthiest energy bar?

Photo credit: Paige Green

Music and food collide in this captivating conversation on how music and food can enhance our lives in unexpected ways! Jennifer Maxwell, a mother of six, athlete, musician, and food science expert, shares her journey from creating the iconic PowerBar to launching her new Certified Organic energy bar called JAMBAR. With flavors like Jammin’ Jazzleberry and Chocolate Cha Cha, JAMBAR combines Jennifer’s passions for nutrition, athletics, music, and community. Tune in to discover how Jennifer’s love for music led her to the drums and how she beautifully blends her expertise in food science with her musical inspiration to create these delicious and nutritious bars. Find out how JAMBAR stands out in the crowded energy bar market, offering real food ingredients, organic nutrition, and a satisfying taste without excessive sweetness.


My guest today is Jennifer Maxwell, who is joining me from CA. Jenny is a mother of six, a life-long athlete, a musician, and a food science and nutrition expert. In 1985, Jenny and her late husband, Brian, created PowerBar®, which became a household name and ended up launching an entire energy bar industry. Jenny recently launched a new, Certified Organic, whole food energy bar called JAMBAR® that combines her passions for nutrition, athletics, music, and community.

Photo by Paige Green


We discuss:

  • Jennifer’s relationship with music; how and when it became a passion in her life.
  • How music brought Jenny purpose, connection, peace, tranquility, and healing.
  • What led Jenny to create JAMBAR.
  • JAMBARs are:
    • Certified Organic
    • Non-GMO
    • Fair trade
    • Gluten-free
    • Real food, as close to nature as possible
    • Good source of fiber, complex carbs, and protein
    • Naturally sweetened using only natural sugars from maple, honey, or grapes
    • A soft (not chewy) texture that doesn’t crumble, melt, or freeze
    • Easily stored in a desk or briefcase with a one-year shelf life
  • There are four JAMBAR flavors: Chocolate Cha Cha, Malt Nut Melody, Jammin’ Jazzleberry, and Musical Mango.
  • The two fruit-flavored bars are 20% real fruit and use a plant-based sunflower seed protein.
  • Whey-based protein is used in Chocolate Cha Cha, Malt Nut Melody.
  • JAMBAR combines Jenny’s passions for organic nutrition, athletics, music, and community. JAMBAR has a purpose that goes beyond “Fuel for Optimum Performance.” JAMBAR promotes community by donating 50% of net profits to music and active living partners.
  • “[Jambar envisions a world] where people put energy into reclaiming authentic human connections by celebrating music and active living.” – JAMBAR website
  • JAMBAR’s website proclaims: “Music is an art form that goes beyond borders. It has the power to heal, bring people together, and inspire.” – JAMBAR website We discuss why music is such a worthy cause for JAMBAR’s support, and examples of the music-related nonprofit organizations that JAMBAR is supporting.
  • “By eating organic, being physically active, and experiencing music, you are an instrument of positivity.” – JAMBAR website
  • JAMBAR-sponsored athletes include skiers, cyclists, runners, and more
  • Fun fact: JAM are Jenny’s initials!
  • Fun fact: The JAMBAR production facility in San Rafael, CA, was once a music studio for the Grateful Dead.

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Jenny shares a meaningful musical moment, as well as the inspiration behind the JAMBAR jingle.

Closing Words

And that is a little bit of the JAMBAR jingle! Thanks so much to Jenny for joining us today and for creating these delicious whole food bars that I can feel good about eating – not only is the process of eating them enjoyable, but I can feel good about consuming a fair trade product whose creator is donating 50% of the proceeds to causes that are making the world a better place.

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