Ep. 157: Athletes and the Arts: Integrating the science of sport and the performing arts for mutual benefit; with Yasi Ansari, MS, RDN, CSSD; and Steven Karageanes, DO, FAOASM

How can performance artists benefit from sports medicine?

Photo by Jakob Rosen on Unsplash

How can performance artists benefit from sports medicine? How are performing artists and athletes similar, and different? How could collaboration between sports medicine and performing arts medicine bring about exponential advances for mutual benefit? We discuss these questions and more in today’s episode with Athletes and the Arts.


I have two guests with me today. Joining us from Los Angeles is Yasi Ansari, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics practicing in LA. And joining me from my home state of Michigan is Dr. Steven Karageanes, a primary care sports medicine physician certified in performing arts medicine, practicing in Novi and Brighton, Michigan. Together, they host the Athletes and the Arts Podcast. The Athletes and the Arts organization is a joint effort between American College of Sports Medicine and Performing Arts Medicine Association.


We discuss:

  • What is Athletes and the Arts (AATA)? How and why was it started? What is its mission?
  • What are the similarities and differences between athletes and performing artists?
  • Differences in treatment approaches one may encounter when seeing a typical doctor vs. an AATA-affiliated/educated doctor.
  • What resources does AATA offer?
  • What is next for AATA – any new and exciting developments or initiatives in the works?
  • Tell us about the Athletes and the Arts Podcast.

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Steve shares: This song is a composition that I wrote and performed in 2007.  I was practicing medicine but also performing at Second City Improv Theater in Detroit and started making short films.  I had taken a leap and bought my own film equipment to make a short, and though I played piano and clarinet in high school, I hadn’t been playing music for a long time. But I got music software, a new Apple computer, and a keyboard, so I started playing around.  I created a scene in my movie where my characters dance to a tango. I figured I should try, since I could now play any instrument in the world on my computer. The result was this song, featured in my short, “American Piety”, which screened in Cannes, Monaco, LA, and New York, and launched my movie career.  However, this song also made me realize that I want to work with performers in medicine as well as on stage, leading me to focus my medical career on performing arts from that point on.

Closing Words

Thank you, Steve, for sharing that song and story with us; thanks also to Yasi for being part of our conversation today. Thanks to Steve, Yasi, Randy Dick, and all the other team members at Athletes and the Arts for all they do to enhance the lives of musicians by bringing together the best of the sports medicine and performing arts medicine worlds. You can learn more about Athletes and the Arts, including their podcast, in the show notes, which includes a transcript of this episode and a list of related episodes you may enjoy.

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