Ep. 54: What happens when an entrepreneur combines music, health, and technology? With Point Motion Founder & CEO Kevin Clark

August 4, 2020

What if… there was a medical and educational assessment tool that could be used in person OR remotely; had the effect of lowering costs and reducing administrative burdens; was applicable across cultures, age groups, and physical & mental abilities; AND improved medical & educational outcomes? Point Motion has combined music, health, and technology to create this tool.


Kevin Clark has a double major, from Berklee College of Music, in Jazz Composition & Film Scoring. Kevin’s passion for music found its purpose when he developed a motion control technology that allows users to create music through the movement of their body.  Kevin founded the company, Point Motion; received a patent for his technology; has won numerous awards; and has been recognized around the US for his uniquely innovative solution combining music, health, and technology.


  • Kevin tells the story of how Point Motion, and the technology we’ll be talking about, came to be.
  • Examples of different applications:
    • Rehab Physical Therapy Practices
    • Music Education Programs
    • Student Athletes
    • Education: developmental assessments
    • Pediatric Therapy Clinics
    • Special Needs Programs
    • Senior Care
    • Occupational Therapy Practices
  • There is no need for external cameras or additional hardware; the Helping Friends toolset uses the built in camera to track body motion through our music based experiences.
  • HIPAA compliant reporting and an electronic data record (UnitusTI) that is compatible with common Telehealth services and platforms. The specialist, teacher, trainer, or parent can review the data.
  • Allows Immediate Remote Assessments (These patient-centered experiences can be administered on site or remotely from the comfort of their home); Lower Cost of Care; Reduces administrative burden (report generation system makes reporting for insurance easier without the administrative burden of data entry); and improve outcomes.
  • Point Motion Inc. has partnered with industry leaders. Healthcare experts, educators, technology gurus, authors, artists and sound engineers collaboratively create unique experiences centered on music, while empowering providers through additional technology perks.
  • Music is intuitive and applicable across cultural boundaries.
  • Company Description: Point Motion is a motion capture software company, that helps children at risk or with developmental challenges play music by engaging in motion-based games, while their therapist or educator accesses data or their motor and cognitive functions. Point Motion innovates in the intersection of Health, Education and Music entertainment space, by giving the right tools to the care providers to have access to performance over time, while making the experience fun for the care receivers and using technology for social good.
  • Kevin inspire many people with his dedication to problem solving and finding purpose through music.
  • Kevin explains how his Berklee College of Music experience prepared him for entrepreneurship and the worlds of technology & business.
  • Kevin also provides Music Productions and Consultation Resources to empower a community of rising artists who benefit from his experience as an artist turned entrepreneur.
  • “When the body becomes a musical instrument, magic happens on the brain and cognitive functions.” https://pointmotioncontrol.com/music-on-the-brain/
  • Kevin’s philosophy: “I’m not waiting for the last note, to enjoy the music.”

Connect/Other Resources


Kevin says: “When we were starting to test Point Motion with schools, and members of the community, we met one child who was so proud of themselves for being able to create music. He felt truly fulfilled and ran to give his mother a hug. I knew then, that we were bringing music where people needed it most and I carry that memory with me which reminds me what it’s about in the end; expressing ourselves and being heard. When we give people a chance to express themselves, they come to life and music is an amazing way to accomplish that. By bringing that into the space of health and wellness, it really amplifies everything else that is being done to meet that person’s needs.”

Closing Words

I am really excited about this technology, and also about Kevin’s passion for music and using technology for social good. One thing we are all learning, worldwide, through this pandemic, is that we need to adapt to a new reality rather than just surviving until things return to the way they were. And part of our new reality is: There is a LOT that can be done remotely; and there will be more and more demand for remotely administered services; and there are many ways technology can improve our lives. Certainly there can be downsides to technology – I just finished reading an excellent book, “Digital Minimalism,” by Cal Newport, that explores ways to extract the most benefit out of new technologies without losing control and becoming a slave to technology. But I think Point Motion’s model combines the best of both worlds – using technology to solve problems and serve human well-being in forward-thinking ways.

And you heard Kevin – if you want to take advantage of Point Motion’s innovation, it’s up to you to get yourself access to it! We, as patients and clients and sports participants, are the people our therapists and doctors and coaches are most responsive to when it comes to taking advantage of new options. So if you want it, be sure to ask for it!

A couple notes about some past guests: Dr. Eliott Gann was a guest on Ep. 42; he is a child and adolescent clinical psychologist who discussed ways hip hop music is being used to increase mental health and well-being. He had recommended the film, Rubble Kings, at the time, which I finally watched this past weekend, and it was phenomenal! It’s just over an hour long, and it’s a powerful and very inspiring story of the origins of hip hop music, which happens to be the world’s most popular music genre. I had no idea about the history of hip hop my conversation with Eliott, and it is really fascinating.

Another guest, Laurie Berkner from Ep. 45, is one of the most popular children’s entertainers in the US. We all know the school classroom is going to look a bit different this fall. Laurie is offering a free “Music in the ‘Classroom’” seminar for educators & parents. Laurie says: “I’m excited to share what I have learned from being a performer and educator – both in person and in virtual spaces – to try to make their jobs easier during this uncertain time.” The seminar is a Facebook Live Stream on Thurs/Aug. 27 @ 6:30 pm ET. Click here for more information. 

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Thank you so much for joining me today. Until next week, may your life be enhanced with music.

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  1. Really enjoyed getting the chance to share our work with you and your community Mindy! Every show on this channel is filled with great topics and ideas. Really appreciate getting a chance to be a part of this, thank you!

    • I particularly enjoyed this episode! Thank you for producing it! Kevin speaks with enthusiasm that is contagious, and I’m impressed by his commitment to keep his concept growing and improving to help others. Bravo!