Ep. 53: One teen’s story of how she ended up on Spotify, with Grace Lundeen

When presented with some extra time as a result of the pandemic quarantine this spring, this teen completed her first album of original music and published it on Spotify! Grace Lundeen tells us about the genesis of her song-writing; her story of composing and recording an album; and her experience putting these songs out into the world.

Ep. 5: Why is the Ukulele So Popular? (Ben Hassenger, Ukulele Ambassador to Michigan)

The ukulele seems to have exploded in popularity in the last five years or so with both amateurs and experienced musicians, and across all ages! Ben Hassenger, self-described Ukulele Ambassador to Michigan, explains why the ukulele is so attractive to so many people across so many demographics. He also explains the versatility of the instrument in spanning all levels of difficulty: the uke is small, portable, and accessible for amateurs; and also capable of showcasing the talent of some of the best musicians Ben has seen.