Ep. 121: What is sonic branding, and why does it matter? With Jeanna Isham

sonic branding

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Music is a powerful tool for creating an emotional connection between consumers and a product or service. In an audio age of ever-decreasing attention spans and fierce competition, a sonic logo can give a marketing strategy the winning edge – and it’s not just for the big brands.

Jeanna Isham
Jeanna Isham


My guest today is joining me from Southern California. Jeanna Isham is a musician, composer, and sonic brander. She creates, consults, and educates on the power of sound in marketing. One of the ways she does this is through podcasting – Jeanna is a fellow podcaster and hosts the Sound in Marketing Podcast. She also founded the company Dreamr Productions and has composed music that can be heard internationally on networks including NBC, OWN, and the Discovery Channel. Jeanna has worked both directly and indirectly with companies including Jim Henson Productions, the Sprouts Network, and Sixteen South TV.


We discuss:

  • What IS sonic branding?
  • How long this industry has existed, and where it’s headed.
  • Benefits of sonic branding, or a sonic logo.
  • How Jeanna ended up in this world of sonic branding.
  • Measuring the effect of sonic branding on marketing efforts or revenue.

Connect/Other Resources

  • Sound in Marketing podcast and educational content
  • Dreamr Productions for consultations and creation of original sound and music
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook 
  • Jeanna’s writing on Medium
  • Jeanna’s compositions on Songtradr
  • “Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.” – Helen Keller
  • We mentioned the following episodes:
    • Ep. 2: Music in Movie Trailers, with Score A Score’s Ariella Abrams
    • Ep. 18: Is Background Music Influencing My Purchasing (or my Thanksgiving Guests)?! with Songtradr’s Jody McKinley
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In-Episode Promo

The Business Side of Music podcast


Jeanna shares a story about cicadas, and how their song will always remind her of her grandmother.

[Mindy’s note: Learn more about why insects (and birds and whales) “sing” in Ep. 74!]

Closing Words

Thank you so much to Jeanna for sharing that story and sharing her expertise with us today. There are lots of ways to connect with her and her work in the show notes, as well as links to some related episodes you may enjoy, including the ones mentioned during our conversation. I want to give a shoutout today to a listener who left a review on Apple Podcasts recently: Cajun Coco left a five-star review and said: “Love meeting all the folks that enhance our lives with music!” Thank you! I really appreciate you taking the moment to rate & review us and leave the encouraging message. That is a huge support and really makes a difference in helping others find the show. If you enjoy the show, I’d really appreciate you also leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or whatever podcast app you use to listen – you can also go to Podchaser.com to leave a review. Thank you for rating, reviewing, and sending me your comments – this is a passion project for me, and I love to hear from listeners.  All links from today’s show – and a transcript of this episode – can be found in the show notes; this is Ep. 121. All links are also in the episode details right in your podcast app. You can reach me on email (mindy@mpetersonmusic.com), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Thanks so much for joining me today. Until next week, may your life be enhanced with music.

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