Ep. 152: Helping children identify, express, and regulate emotions with music; with Stephanie Leavell, MT-BC

How do you help kids handle their emotions?

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A significant life skill is the development of healthy strategies to process and regulate emotions. Music therapist and award-winning singer/songwriter Stephanie Leavell explains the super-powers of music to teach these skills in a fun way to kids (and their adults).


My guest today is Stephanie Leavell, an award-winning singer/songwriter, instrumentalist, and music therapist with a passion for helping kids succeed. Stephanie is the creator of Music for Kiddos, an online education company that provides high-quality music resources and continuing music education for music therapists, music educators, and parents. Her second album for kids and families just released – I’m looking forward to chatting about it more in a bit!

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We discuss:

  • What inspired Stephanie’s passion for working with kids and using her music to help that age group (mostly 0-10 yo) succeed.
  • One of the super-powers of Stephanie’s music is how it equips kids to handle their emotions – to identify and express emotions, and develop healthy strategies for processing & coping with emotions. Many of us adults would like to have those skills! So if we can help our kids do that, we are doing so much right there to create a better tomorrow for everyone. How CAN music be used to help kids identify and express emotions, and develop healthy strategies for processing & coping with emotions?
  • Some of the most beneficial daily-life moments to consider incorporating music (nighttime routines, transitions).
  • Stephanie’s new album, Made To Bloom, that JUST released March 3, 2023.
  • Some of Stephanie’s favorite songs on the new album.
  • A song especially made for parents (“Slow Down,” inspired by Nichole Nordeman’s popular song of that title).
  • Resources offered by Stephanie, including her blog, podcast, music, tips and info via social media channels, and her free “Song of the Month.”

Connect/Other Resources

  • Stephanie Leavell Music website
  • Stephanie’s online education company, Music For Kiddos
  • Music For Kiddos Podcast: About early childhood music resources and how to use them. This podcast is for music therapists, music educators, teachers, SLPs, OTs, PTs, parents, and anyone else who is interested in supporting a child’s development through music.
    Stephanie Leavell is a board certified music therapist, music educator, mom, and the founder of MusicForKiddos.com. She is deeply passionate about using high-quality music resources to help kids express their feelings and reach their developmental goals.
  • Made To Bloom is available on all streaming services and on the Music for Kiddos website.
  • Find Stephanie and Music For Kiddos on:
  • Song-of-the-Month Club (FREE!)
  • Stephanie’s debut children’s album, Move It, Move It!, was nominated for Children’s Album of the Year in the 2019 Independent Music Awards. In 2020, her song “K-I-N-D” was nominated for Children’s Song of the Year in the Independent Music Awards, and her song “School’s A Little Different This Year” won the American Music Therapy Association Songwriting Competition. 2021 saw “K-I-N-D” honored as a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.

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Stephanie shares a story about an impactful experience that showed her the remarkable, gentle power of music.

Closing Words

What a powerful story! Thank you so much to Stephanie for sharing with us today and for all she does to enhance the lives of kiddos – and their adults – with her music! As I mentioned, Laurie Berkner’s music was a life-saver – and sanity-saver – for me when my kids were young. And her music is still on speed-dial for me whenever I watch my little 2-year-old neighbor friend, Camilla, because it just sets such a fun, positive vibe. I will definitely be adding Stephanie’s music to the mix, and am so grateful for another artist who can help kids understand their big feelings and express them in healthy ways.

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