Ep. 159: Nature’s Anthem: Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter Jessa Campbell Revolutionizes Children’s Music with Eco-Tunes

How can you teach science through music?

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Discover the educational music that is captivating young audiences! Jessa Campbell’s upbeat, danceable songs teach science concepts while infusing joy and humor. With her new album “Forest Flow,” Jessa is changing the trend of children’s disconnection with nature. Through catchy tunes and engaging music videos, she inspires families to explore the outdoors, fostering a love for conservation and a healthier lifestyle. Join the movement and let the music enhance your life!


Joining me today from Portland, Oregon, is Parents’ Choice Award-winning singer/songwriter Jessa Campbell. Jessa bridges the worlds of music and ecology, enchanting young audiences with the wonders of nature through her songs. She infuses a joyful sense of humor into her upbeat, educational shows and songs. Jessa has an impressive background as a singer and dancer, and her songwriting is informed by the styles of the adult bands with which she regularly performs – which means her upbeat, danceable STEM- and ecology-based songs are enjoyed by kids AND their grownups (for which I thank her on behalf of parents everywhere)!


We discuss:

  • The powerful (and underutilized) tool of learning facts and concepts through song.
  • How Jessa started teaching science concepts to kids through song.
  • Science concepts taught through Jessa’s songs include seed dispersal, migration, food chains, tree canopies, refraction of light, how rainbows are made, and fun facts about the sun.
  • Jessa’s first album for families, Can You Feel It, released in 2019. It landed a Parents’ Choice Silver Award, was featured on SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live channel, and enjoyed the “High Five Album of the Week” spotlight on Australia’s Kinderling Kids Radio.
  • The childhood trend that concerns Jessa. Jessa says, “Here’s the problem: Children today spend less time outdoors than any other generation, devoting only four to seven minutes to unstructured outdoor play per day while spending an average of seven and a half hours in front of electronic media. As a result, child obesity has reached unprecedented levels and continues to rise. Children are carrying this sedentary lifestyle and a disconnection with nature into adulthood which creates a troubling national trend for the future of conservation, our economy, and the health and wellness of our communities.”
  • How Jessa’s music can be a tool in changing this trend.
  • Ideas to incorporate this learning tool into summer camps, dance parties, family car rides, classrooms, projects, outdoor events, and more.
  • Incorporate Jessa’s music videos for even more educational effect and value
  • How Jessa’s songs are inspired by the musical tastes of her own kiddos!
  • Jessa’s kids’ band is called Jessa Campbell & the Saplings.
  • Jessa new album, Forest Flow, JUST released June 9. This is her second album for families and is rooted in ecology. It celebrates the rich biodiversity of the forest, and reflects this diversity in the musical genres represented by including elements of hip-hop, pop, dance, and folk to create a fun, engaging experience.
  • Songs in Forest Flow include “Rainbow Flow,” “Movement is Chemistry,” “Owl’s Game” (an eco-hip-hop tune about the food chain), and “Swim With Me” (an ode to the joys of swimming).
  • One of the bilingual songs on the album, “Vuela, Vuela, Fly,” tells about the migration of monarch butterflies. The butterflies start out as eggs on milkweed plants in the US, and travel all the way to Mexico, at which point the song’s lyrics change to Spanish.
  • Forest Flow is for all ages, but especially for ages 4 – 8.
  • Jessa notes, “As collective ‘Saplings,’ we develop compassion, creativity, and confidence, rooted in the wisdom of nature. May we grow this beautiful forest together!”

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Jessa shares a clip from a song from her new album, Forest Flow. The song is called “Rainbow Flow” and features SaulPaul and LDW. Here is the full YouTube video:

Closing Words

What a great song! That is a clip of “Rainbow Flow” (featuring SaulPaul and LDW) from Jessa’s brand new album, Forest Flow. You can watch the YouTube video in the show notes or at www.jessacampbellsaplings.com. Thank you so much to Jessa for enhancing lives with music combined with science, nature, and ecology. I love how she teaches these concepts through music, a medium that makes the information exponentially absorbed and retained. And the music makes it a fun experience that is also a human connection.

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