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Ep. 81: MIM – A place that showcases music’s unique ability to both preserve diverse cultures AND bring those cultures together; with Katherine Palmer, DMA

Music has the unique ability to both preserve diverse cultures AND bring those diverse cultures together. I find that musicians have a highly developed understanding that our shared goal is not uniformity, but unity; and that there is strength in our diversity. The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix is a place that showcases this aspect of music in a powerful way. This jewel is ten years old –established but also fairly young, and not nearly enough people know about it. And, silver lining from covid, the MIM has made some of their incredible programming available virtually.

Ep. 69: Tinder for musical instruments – matchmaking AND community building

At Enhance Life with Music, we believe that music and music-making has value for all of us humans, regardless of age, or where we live in the world, or whether we will eventually be a professional musician or not. We also are aware of the fact that not everyone can afford a musical instrument AND arts education funding is not particularly stable and many schools are operating with very little, if any, music education funding. Enter Instruments in the Cloud, an online giving platform that connects donors of musical instruments and supplies with teachers and music programs. Whether you have a need for instruments or are on a de-cluttering rampage, learn what this musical instrument match-making service can offer your community!