hip hop

Ep. 25: Role of Spirituals within African American Culture, with award-winning musician and educator Bruce Henry

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we take a look at the rich history and function of music and spirituals within African American culture, including its relationship to gospel music, ragtime, blues and jazz, soul, and hip hop/rap. Listeners will also hear about the incomparable Harry Belafonte, and the unique cultural preservation of the Gullah/Geechie region of the southern coastal US.

Ep. 3: Music Reduces Urban Poverty (BIIG MIIC & Urban Ventures)

Lasting solutions to urban poverty span all the way from cradle to career – empowering communities by putting education, families, and community assets at the core. Urban Ventures provides cradle-to-career support for youth and families in one of Minneapolis’ most under-resourced neighborhoods, through music & arts, literacy & academics, farm, and sports.