music licensing

Ep.78: How and when are songs selected for TV & film scenes? with Jody Friedman

Music clearly impacts us is through its role in TV and movies. The absence of music in trailers or the shows themselves would fundamentally change our viewing experience. But who matches the appropriate song to a scene in a TV show or film for full effect? Music supervisor Jody Friedman explains the music selection process, tips for those interested in the biz, and how the song he composed ended up in The Handmaid’s Tale trailer.

Ep. 18: Is Background Music Influencing My Purchasing (or my Thanksgiving Guests)?! with Songtradr’s Jody McKinley

Background music can influence us to eat faster, eat slower, purchase more items, or purchase higher end items. Learn about some of the characteristics of music that are considered in selecting music for marketing purposes – and utilize your knowledge at your next dinner party!

Ep. 2: Music in Movie Trailers (Ariella Abrams)

How are we influenced by music in movie trailers? How important is the music in trailers? Is it an afterthought, or more integral to the message of the trailer? What does the process of creating this music look like? Discover the niche industry of the movie trailer music world.