Ep. 76: What are the benefits of being an adult (even “old”!) beginner? With New York Times bestselling author Tom Vanderbilt

We are never too old to take advantage of the cognitive and emotional benefits of learning a new skill. Treating learning as a lifetime sport can roll back the odometer of our brains, expand our horizons, and renew our sense of self and identity. New York Times best-selling author Tom Vanderbilt explains the magic of learning a new skill in his brand new book, “Beginners: The Joy and Transformative Power of Lifelong Learning.”

Ep. 31: “Good Music, Brighter Children: Simple and Practical Ideas to Help Transform Your Child’s Life Through the Power of Music,” with author Sharlene Habermeyer

Transform your child’s life through the power of music! Author Sharlene Habermeyer explains why making music exercises the brain like no other known activity, and why these benefits last a lifetime. Music can stimulate critical thinking skills and understanding of STEM subjects; and can be a catalyst for success for those dealing with cognitive, physical, and social challenges.

Ep. 28: My CHILD is taking music lessons; what’s MY role? with Suzanne Greer

Parents are significant “players” when it comes to ensuring a positive and successful music lesson experience for children. Music is a gift that can be enjoyed for a lifetime! Discover practical ways to create a desire to learn in your young (twelve and under) child.

Ep. 6: How to Get Your Child to Practice…Without Resorting to Violence! (Author Cynthia Richards)

Gently but firmly implementing daily practice time for your child will provide musical rewards they can enjoy for a lifetime (not to mention the many life skills learned through music lessons, including problem solving, discipline, increased focus, creativity, patience, perseverance). Regardless of whether music is eventually entered as a profession, the ability to make great music is a priceless gift your child can turn to for release, enjoyment, service, or challenge at any time in their future. This book provides suggestions, tools, and strategies for establishing successful practice habits.