Year: 2020

Ep. 75: How Pfizer, Sony, and Unilever use music to develop their executives’ business & leadership skills; with Maestro Roger Nierenberg

Executives develop organizational and leadership skills through unscripted, interactive and unconventional orchestral performances. This innovative program has been utilized in over 20 countries and at hundreds of corporations and organizations, including Lockheed Martin, Harvard Business School, Pfizer, Unilever, Sony, and Google. As of 2020, the experience is also available virtually.

Ep. 74: Why do birds (and insects and whales) sing? With David Rothenberg, PhD

Musicality is all around us in nature! An understanding of the musicality of animals brings vibrance to the world around us in unexpected ways. Dr. David Rothenberg is a musician and naturalist, and has played his clarinet along with birds, whales, and singing insects.

Ep. 73: Philip Brunelle, Godfather of the Scandinavian Lutheran choral mafia

Philip Brunelle has notoriety around the world for his musical knowledge and expertise. He discusses the motto and drink that fuel his success; other factors contributing to his personal and professional longevity; and what makes the Twin Cities a unicorn in the choral music world.

Ep. 72: “The orchestra that doesn’t behave:” The story of one community music group, with Marlene Pauley

What’s the big deal about community music orchestras, bands, and choirs? Under Marlene Pauley’s direction, The Wayzata Symphony Orchestra’s budget has quadrupled and audience attendance has increased 300%. Marlene explains the demand for community music groups, and what they mean to their members, audience, and communities.

Ep. 71: Give the gift of music: Research-based ways to GIFT music (the gift that keeps on giving)

Giving gifts has been a part of cultures and celebrations throughout history, and, fortunately for us, a lot of research has been done on what makes a meaningful gift – meaningful for both the recipient AND the giver. We take a look at research-backed factors that contribute to meaningful gifts, and specific ways to gift music to others, because music is THE gift that keeps on giving!

Ep. 70: What you don’t know about 1 in 6 people you encounter, and why it matters; with David Knott

The CDC-Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study investigated the correlation between childhood trauma and life-long development, health, and well-being. The astounding results have led to trauma informed approaches to education and medicine, among other areas. David Knott explains why an ACE understanding can elevate our music instruction, and how music education be used as a conduit to help young people who have experienced trauma.