Year: 2020

Ep. 51: Conscious music: How do lyrics shape my mental narrative? with Jamie Goldstein, PsyD

Sometimes just a small habit adjustment can have a significant course-correction effect. Michael Franti says, “The best songs have positive messages hidden inside, like a positive affirmation.” Meaningful words combined with a melody have the ability to integrate messages into our minds in a unique and powerful way.

Ep. 50: Earworms: How do songs get stuck in my head, and how can I get rid of them?! with Dr. Katherine Cotter

An earworm is a song that gets stuck in your head. It’s also called “involuntary musical imagery,” and about 98 percent of us experience them. We discuss who is most susceptible to earworms, what causes them, what situations are most likely to create them, and – most important – how to get rid of them!

Ep. 49: “Traditional learning methods don’t work for me.” Utilizing Multiple Intelligences in Learning, with Graeme Winder

Have you ever heard of someone who eagerly began learning to play a musical instrument, excited by the idea of creating music; and before long felt so frustrated and discouraged by the process of translating a page of dots and symbols into meaningful sound that they gave it up and decided they are “just not musical?” Our guest today can relate to that story, and he has dedicated his life to connecting kids – and adults — to music in a new and powerful way. Graeme Winder is CEO of Meloquest, he’s an advocate for music education reform, and has had great success teaching music using a non-traditional method based on the Multiple Intelligences Theory, a theory that everyone learns in different ways.

Ep. 48: Tips from a time management coach on accomplishing (or helping our kids accomplish) musical goals this summer, with Elizabeth Grace Saunders

How can I fulfill the desire to learn a musical instrument this summer – or encourage my child to learn their instrument without nagging?! This episode provides practical tips on structuring time to get the most out of summer while having fun and developing life skills. Bonus: Consciously undertaking a musical project will build deeper memories by forever linking the project to this summer!

Ep. 47: In honor of George Floyd: The role of music in social justice; with Bruce Henry

“…[S]uccessful movements to advance civil rights for historically marginalized groups relied not just on political action. Music, culture, art, television, churches, neighborhood groups, and volunteer organizations have played instrumental parts in bringing about change.” – Beth Holland and Sarah Silvers, “I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening)” One thing I like about this quote is it captures the reality that there is not just one answer or just one route to progress; there are many, and they are all important. Another thing I like about the quote is it helps break down an overwhelming situation into a more manageable question of, “What can I do, right now?”

Ep. 46: How do songs end up on Spotify playlists, anyway? With Streaming Promotions’ Michael Sloane

Who gets to control the exposure of various songs and artists on playlists? Can playtime and list inclusion be influenced, monetarily or otherwise? How does the industry’s general practice compare to legal guidelines and Spotify’s terms of use? Industry insider Michael Sloane answers questions about the process and introduces us to the world of playlist curators.