Year: 2020

Ep. 69: Tinder for musical instruments – matchmaking AND community building

At Enhance Life with Music, we believe that music and music-making has value for all of us humans, regardless of age, or where we live in the world, or whether we will eventually be a professional musician or not. We also are aware of the fact that not everyone can afford a musical instrument AND arts education funding is not particularly stable and many schools are operating with very little, if any, music education funding. Enter Instruments in the Cloud, an online giving platform that connects donors of musical instruments and supplies with teachers and music programs. Whether you have a need for instruments or are on a de-cluttering rampage, learn what this musical instrument match-making service can offer your community!

Ep. 68: Advocating for justice with music, and cultivating creativity for the common good; with Sara Groves

Singer/songwriter Sara Groves describes how her Christian faith informs her advocacy for justice, community-building, and cultivation of creativity for the common good. Through nurturing a creative community of people who learn, grow, and create together, Sara believes good things result for us all – including our world’s most vulnerable – and point people toward the same things that Jesus is interested in.

Ep. 67: “Why You Like It: The Science and Culture of Musical Taste,” with author Nolan Gasser, PhD

Dr. Nolan Gasser was the chief architect of Pandora’s Music Genome Project, and is author of the 2019 book, Why You Like It: The Science and Culture of Musical Taste. Dr. Gasser discusses his role in the Music Genome Project and the ethical component of its design. He then explains some of the most important factors that influence our individual musical tastes.

Ep. 66: Olympic trainer Daniel Stewart on enhancing motivation and performance with music

Athletic anthems can be used to enhance motivation and performance in athletics, on the job, and in life. Author and trainer-to-Olympians Daniel Stewart discusses selecting the perfect song for your situation, the role of song lyrics, and converting your anthem to a mojo mantra.

Ep. 65: Musical Playgrounds – the neuroscience of nature & music combined with PLAY! With Melissa Hughes, Ph.D.

We are hard-wired to learn through play, and to learn better in nature. Musical playgrounds utilize outdoor musical instruments and the science behind them to combine learning, nature, and play to promote community health and engagement. With no wrong notes, musical training is optional; and the resulting music is always as delightful as the sound of a windchime! Bonus: Stay tuned for until the Coda for a powerful dentophobia hack!

Ep. 64: Does Practice Make Perfect? With Ed Varner, Ed.D.

There is a pretty universal saying that “Practice Makes… [and we all fill in the blank] Perfect.” Ed Varner, Ed.D., argues that improvement, not perfection, should be the goal in the creation of art, in education, in work, and in everything that we do. He explains what he calls “The Practice” and how this approach is the application of his belief that music has value for EVERYone.