Year: 2020

Ep. 60: How does music training affect children’s Social-Emotional Learning, and how is SEL affected by a pandemic? With Dr. Assal Habibi

Many life accomplishments depend less on academic learning than on social-emotional skills such as perseverance, impulse control, empathy, and a willingness to cooperate. Dr. Assal Habibi explains the effects of childhood music training on social development, and how social-emotional skills transfer to other, more consequential areas of life as children get older.

Ep. 59: How does MUSIC learning impact OTHER learning? With Dr. Anita Collins

Dr. Anita Collins’ new book,“The Music Advantage: How learning music helps your child’s brain and wellbeing,” was released September 1, 2020. Learn what research shows about the cognitive nutrient of sound, and about music learning’s foundational relationship to other learning, including reading.

Ep. 58: What does Sesame Street music have to do with guide dogs? September is National Guide Dog Month; with Rena Strober

Rena Strober is a Broadway, film, and television actor (Disney’s Liv & Maddie, VEEP, and Shameless ) is also an advocate for the blind. Her brand new album, “Imagine That! The Sesame Street Music of Joe Raposo & Jeff Moss,” features an all-blind children’s choir, as well as many famous guest artists. Rena tells us what makes this album so incredibly special. “What the world needs now, more than ever, is the music of Sesame Street. We need to be reminded that being kind is simple and being ‘different’ is beautiful,” says Rena.

Ep. 57: What the music you like says about your personality; with David Greenberg, PhD

Our musical tastes provide remarkable insight into our personality traits. Dr. David Greenberg has combined science, music, and psychology to develop Musical Universe, “a 23andMe for music,” whose data has been used by top research institutions. Take Musical Universe’s free 15-minute test to discover what the music you listen to reflects about your “Big Five” personality traits.

Ep. 56: How do artists and songwriters get paid when I stream their song or hear it played in a store? With Songtrust’s Anna Bond

Royalties refer to the income artists earn when people or businesses use their music, including streams, radio play, album sales, musical toys(!), and more. We discuss the two most common royalties, performance and mechanical, and how these are distributed to artists, song writers, band members, and other rights holders. Bonus: Learn who gets unclaimed royalties!

Ep. 55: “If you are not at the table, you are on the menu.” Music education in the new “classroom,” with David Jewell

What is K-12 music education going to look like moving forward with a new, non-traditional “classroom?” Guest David Jewell says, “It is important to keep music at the forefront in the ‘new normal.’ …If you are not at the table, you are on the menu. One person can make a big difference. Take that step and be at the table.” We discuss the “why” and “how” of keeping music at the forefront in whatever form the “classroom” takes moving forward.