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Ep. 59: How does MUSIC learning impact OTHER learning? With Dr. Anita Collins

Dr. Anita Collins’ new book,“The Music Advantage: How learning music helps your child’s brain and wellbeing,” was released September 1, 2020. Learn what research shows about the cognitive nutrient of sound, and about music learning’s foundational relationship to other learning, including reading.

Ep. 48: Tips from a time management coach on accomplishing (or helping our kids accomplish) musical goals this summer, with Elizabeth Grace Saunders

How can I fulfill the desire to learn a musical instrument this summer – or encourage my child to learn their instrument without nagging?! This episode provides practical tips on structuring time to get the most out of summer while having fun and developing life skills. Bonus: Consciously undertaking a musical project will build deeper memories by forever linking the project to this summer!