Ep. 110: How are album covers created – and why is some of the art so bizarre?! With Darin Leach

The form that the “album” has taken has evolved over the decades: we’ve had vinyl records, cassette tapes, CDs, digital downloads. Through all these iterations, one constant has been the cover art. Even on our digital downloads and streams, we still get to view the cover art on our device when a song is playing. Today’s episode is going to solve one of the mysteries of the universe – Why are some of these album covers so bizarre?!

Ep. 105: What are the top three skills desired by corporate recruiters, and why are they found in musicians? When should musicians consider a day job in the business world? With Christopher Caliendo

Based on market trends, your best new hire is highly likely to be a musician. We discuss the core creative and soft skills musicians bring to the marketplace; when and why musicians should consider a pivot to business; and how to find a job that will help you actualize a sustainable lifestyle, work-life balance, AND your artistic goals.

Ep. 85: Smule – Connecting the World Through Music, with CEO Jeff Smith, PhD

You can make music with others anytime, anyplace, and with anyone (including Ed Sheeran and Disney’s Maui the demigod!) thanks to an app that has a really unique way of bringing the world together thru the medium of music. Smule encourages people to create, not just consume, music – and to create music together. Smule co-founder and CEO Jeff Smith explains how music is the original social network.