Ep. 103: Is there a dark side to the power of music? With Brea Murakami, MM, MT-BC

If music is so powerful, can it also cause harm? We discuss music-induced harm (MIH – yes, it’s a thing!) with music therapist, psychologist, and researcher Brea Murakami.

Ep. 98: #BeyondMeToo, with Dr. Sandi Curtis, MT-BC, MTA

One in three women worldwide have been subjected to physical and/or sexual violence. Most of this violence is intimate partner violence, and tends to be underreported (meaning actual statistics are most likely higher). This means one in three of the women in our families, neighborhoods, offices, and schools are assault survivors. Why are music and music therapy particularly effective in helping women dealing with abuse?

Ep. 96: Restoring function and quality of life for those with Multiple Sclerosis; with Betsy Hartman, MT-BC

Music is a bridge between the mind and body, and has unique abilities to bring holistic healing to the body, mind, and soul of those living with MS. Betsy Hartman, MT-BC, outlines how and why music therapy is successfully utilized as part of an interdisciplinary approach to address therapeutic goals, improve quality of life, and train the mind to help heal itself. Discover resources and support for this non-pharmacological healing therapy that can be accessed by those with MS AND their loved ones.