Ep. 84: Music’s redemptive & restorative power in prison environments, with Arts Capacity founder Holly Mulcahy

I can’t think of a better purpose for harnessing the healing power of music than to re-humanize and reconcile people living in stressful and de-humanizing conditions. That is exactly what Arts Capacity is doing by bringing music’s healing and hope to prisoners. Music is used to allow people to access their own emotions and develop tools to be successful in their future as free citizens.

Ep. 79: Holistic health, wellness, and musicianship; with Austin Pancner

Our everyday movements and habits affect both our overall wellness AND our musicianship. Athletic and musical performers have much in common, including a susceptibility to repetitive use injuries, and physical performances that are highly affected by what’s going on between our ears – our mental and emotional states. Founder and CEO of The Functional Musician, Austin Pancner is passionate about empowering musicians to overcome and prevent tension, pain, and injury; and achieve optimal wellbeing in the process.

Ep. 1: Introduction

This introductory episode explains what the podcast is all about, how it came to be, and host Mindy Peterson’s personal relationship with music.