Year: 2022

Ep. 122: Transferring music skills to life, with Dr. Dylan Savage

Universal life skills, like problem-solving, discipline, and creativity, are inherent in the study of music. But how automatic is it for students to transfer these lessons to non-music areas of their lives? This cross-training can be intentionally taught and learned, resulting in elevated musical performance AND greater life success.

Ep. 121: What is sonic branding, and why does it matter? With Jeanna Isham

Music is a powerful tool for creating an emotional connection between consumers and a product or service. In an audio age of ever-decreasing attention spans and fierce competition, a sonic logo can give a marketing strategy the winning edge – and it’s not just for the big brands.

Ep. 120: The inclusive, sustainable music classroom; with United Sound’s Julie Duty

As a middle school band teacher, Julie Duty had a passion for creating an inclusive classroom where students of all abilities and disabilities learned together. She also experienced firsthand the lack of training, support, and resources available to teachers wanting to make this happen. She created a solution, United Sound, which utilizes peer mentors to create student led music clubs within schools. It has clearly filled a vital need – in its first seven years, over 8,000 students have participated in United Sound and they have logged over 213,000 relationship-building, music-making hours together.

Ep. 119: What is the best way to find a piano teacher?

Most adults wish they could play a musical instrument, and want to give that gift to their children. The most important component – more important than the instrument itself – is the music TEACHER! But how do you find a teacher who will be a great fit for your child and situation, so that the experience is a positive one with the results you’re looking for? Learn the most important question to ask yourself before looking for a music teacher, and five options for finding a great piano teacher who will be the best fit for your situation.